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Electrical Fine Ribbed Rubber Matting With Health Regulation Material ( 650 V )

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EXP660 Fine Ribbed Rubber Matting to BS921/1976 is a high quality, British industry electrical safety matting to British Standard BS921/1976 with the regulation standard stamped on the reverse of the roll at 1000mm intervals. Fully certified and tested to 15,000 volts with a recommended safety working voltage of 650v. It has a fine ribbed, anti-slip surface pattern on one side and cloth impression finish on reverse.

  •  Fully tested to British Standard
  •  Health & Safety regulation material
  •  Fully traceable supply
  •  Regulatory branding on reverse
  •  Anti-Slip finish
  •  Low maintenance

Cut lengths available to order. EXP660 can also be supplied to order in colours and flame retardant, low smoke emission grades

Product Information

Stock Roll Sizes[m x m x mm] Weight[kg/M2] SpecificationsCompound Values[typical]
10m x 0.91m x 9.5mm 12.00 Colour: Black
10m x 1.0m x 9.5mm 12.00 Compound: SBR/NR
10m x 1.2m x 9.5mm 12.00 Hardness [shore A]: 65°
    Density[SG]: 1.3
    Tensile Strength: 5 MPA
    Elongation[min]: 250%
    Abrasion Resistance: 180 mm3
    Minimum Temperture -20°C
    Maximum Temperture +70°C

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